AUP Membership Application

Cost of Joining: There is no special initial fee to join. Our regular dues are $30.00 for the year if you want your newsletter by email, or $36 if you want your newsletter hard copy by US Mail.

If you are joining later in the year, (October 1 through December) dues are $15 (for email newsletter) or $18 (for hard copy US Mail newsletter). Full dues are payable January 1 of each year thereafter.

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Welcome to AUP!

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15. AUP issues a membership directory to all members at the beginning of their affiliation with us and thereafter once a year in the Spring and roster update in the Fall. If you would like to be included in the next edition of the AUP Member Directory, please check each item you would like to have included.
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17. Write a short profile of yourself that you would like to share with our members– such as hobbies, education, type of work you do/did, special interests, etc. Limit 4 sentences, max. 60 words.

18. Proof of graduation from a 4-year program at a college or university. If you cannot find your diploma, please call our Hotline at [eeb_content]412-734-8445[/eeb_content] and ask for suggestions of other acceptable methods such as a transcript, a mailing to you as an alumnus, or a listing as an alumnus. You may mail in your proof along with your check instead of uploading it.

File type .doc, .pdf, .gif, .png, .jpg, .jpeg and size limit 2 megs.

Thank you! Please verify all your responses then click "Send". Please remember to send in your check made out to AUP for $30 (membership includes email only newsletter) or $36 (includes hardcopy newsletter by US Mail). If you are unable to upload verification of proof of graduation from a 4-year program at a college or university electronically, you may send the proof by U.S.mail along with your check. Mail to: Arline Schwartz, AUP Membership Director, 18 Barton Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa 15221