AUP Membership Renewal

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Remember, dues are due on January 1st. Cost is $30 for the year for emailed newsletters. For newsletters to be sent in hardcopy form by US Mail, there is an additional surcharge of $6.00 which makes the total dues due $36 for the year for those members choosing the US Mail delivery option.

If renewals are postmarked February 1 or later, there is a $7.00 late fee to be added to the above.

If you prefer to print and mail the form with a check, please click here.

*If you are not already an AUP member, please use the membership application form instead.

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6. In which of the following AUP positions would you volunteer to serve next year?

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- I would like to assist the Director on one of the committees: ProgramsPublicityMembershipSocial EventsNewsletterWebsite

- I could help out a bit by (Hold down CTRL key to select multiples):

7. Give us an idea what kind of topics you would like to see done at the monthly meeting:

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9. What other changes would you like to have in our organization?

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