AUP Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions about AUP. If you have other questions, please contact us on the Request Info page.

1. How many members does AUP have?

  • Our membership presently numbers about 115 from throughout the Greater Pittsburgh area with females presently outnumbering males. (Men – take note!) The age range of our group is from about 50 on up with a large percentage of the group being somewhere in their 50’s or 60’s.

2. Is AUP a dating service?

  • AUP is NOT a dating service. No, we do not attempt to find any dates for you. You are entirely on your own about that. We are a SOCIAL ORGANIZATION FOR SINGLES who are selective in their outlook and want an active social life. When you attend events you will meet many people, have fun, make new friends of both genders. If one of them develops a romantic interest in you, that is icing on the cake. But our purpose is to provide you the opportunity to enjoy going places and doing things with new friends.

3. What are the AUP costs?

  • Annual membership dues are $30 with email newsletter or $36 with US Mail newsletter. (prorated for January start time)

  • Event costs are minimal.

  • Most general (monthly) meetings are free to members (if they supply a food item) and $5 for guests. Occasionally such as for the annual plays in May there may be a charge for everyone.
  • Most small discussion groups such as book club, video discussion group, or TEG, are free to participants, although the hostess may request attendees to bring a small snack to share.

  • Large House parties usually have a general cost sent to Treasurer in advance; plus we may ask you to bring a food or beverage contribution to supplement the main dish provided by AUP.

  • Some special events such as a catered pig roast or a dinner/dance at a country club or a catered picnic in a park will cost more.

4. Are AUP meetings and events open to the public?

  • Our meetings and events are open to the public, often including invitations to other singles groups who attend as guests. Please call our AUP Hotline and leave your name and address so we can send you our current Basic AUP Newsletter that has some details concerning time, location, and directions to our public events.

5. Do you maintain a paid staff?

  • AUP is a non-sectarian organization run entirely by volunteers. It has lasted all these years (since 1983) because it has a structure providing for regular rotation of key staff personnel. The amazing dedication of effort and energy by both officers and members has kept things bubbling and made interesting things happen. Current staff positions and personnel are usually listed at the end of the AUP Newsletter.

6. Do I have to be a member to attend an event?

  • Our events are open to all singles, so you are welcome to attend any club functions before deciding to join. We invite you to bring along one or more friends. All we ask is that you notify the contact person/ host or hostess in advance, especially for restaurants or house parties where seating may be limited.

7. Where can I find a membership application form?

  • The form for new members can be obtained by clicking here. It can also be acquired by attending the monthly general meeting, by request anytime from the Membership Coordinator, and is sometimes published as a separate file with the e-mail version of our monthly newsletter.