Everyone who joins AUP receives:

  • Our official full and unabridged monthly AUP Newsletter which provides details of the month’s events including meeting times, contact persons’ names and phone numbers and specific directions to their homes. The abridged version of the AUP Newsletter contained on this website lacks such personal information.
  • Reduced admission prices for many events such as house parties or the Holiday Dinner/Dance.
  • Copy of our membership directory with periodic updates.
  • Email transmissions of event schedule changes and reminder notices.
  • Copies of our email list so you can converse online with other AUP members.
  • The right to vote for officers at the Member Elections.
  • Most importantly, an opportunity to feel like a part of our group and enjoy the opportunity to meet, socialize with, and establish friendships with other singles at enjoyable activities.

Who Can Join AUP?

Eligibility requirements include:

  • Person must be single (divorced, widowed, separated, or never married).
  • Person must have earned a 4-year college or university degree.
  • Even though year of birth is not asked for on the application form, it is also suggested that the person be about 50 or older.

The 4-year program requirement has been considered a major stumbling block for many potential members. We realize that some professions do not nowadays require a 4-year degree, but rather an exhaustive licensing procedure or certificate program. Nor does a 4-year degree by itself ensure that the particular candidate is articulate, possessed of good manners and language, responsible and generally open-minded and aware and caring about many facets of our world. But being a somewhat older singles group comprised of members who are usually “single-again” and therefore somewhat cautious in forming new relationships, the membership and Board of Directors have kept that requirement intact because we think it increases the “likelihood” of ideal candidates.

The important thing to be aware of is that even if you are not qualified to join our organization you are certainly invited to attend our events as a guest.

 How to Join

Application can be made in three ways: By filling out our online form and mailing in payment to the Membership Director, mailing all three required items to the Membership Director, or by bringing them to the regular monthly meeting when both the Membership Director and Treasurer are present.

The three required items are:

  • Completed application form.
  • Check made out to AUP for $30 with email newsletter or $36 with US Mail newsletter (see note on application form about reduced dues after October 1).
  • Proof of graduation from a 4-year program at a college or university. If you cannot find your diploma, ask the Membership Director for suggestions of other acceptable methods such as a transcript, a mailing to you as an alumnus, or a listing as an alumnus.


Please allow about 3 weeks to process your application. The Membership Director will mail you a welcome letter after you have been accepted. While you are waiting you may attend any of our functions as a guest. Please be sure to call and notify the host in advance that you will be attending.

We hope that our site has interested you and we hope that you will contact us by email, mail, or phone to receive details about some of our gatherings. We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

Join AUP! in the Fun With AUP!

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